One of our highlights last year was graduation night, where graduating students shared their testimonies of their walk with God and their time spent in OCF.

The Summer Impact Groups run on Saturdays, where students have been coming together on campus to study the book of Galatians and share dinner afterwards. We have also had Worship Workshops where we hope to inspire more students to serve in worship and understand the purpose of worship.

We are planning for our committee retreat and our stall at the Lantern Festival, which is our largest fundraiser for OCF’s annual camp.

We would really appreciate prayer for wisdom for our leadership team and that our events will glorify God and help students come to know him for themselves. We don’t want to have a group where students just come to hang out; we want them to be grounded in their walk with God, build relationships with others and share his love with them.

– Shannon Murphy



Last year was fantastic for CMF at Auckland University. Our community-building activities continue to fill the need we have for connection with others walking similar paths in life. Dinners with the Doc continue to be attended to capacity. Praise God for the community we do have, and pray he would strengthen us further!

Our main focus at Grafton Campus has been teaching others the good news about Jesus, with the aim to persuade. We have shared this gospel through events such as Jesus Week, but we believe small group Bible studies, one-on-one coffee dates and conversations with friends are more significant than any big event we could put on.

We are humbled to have introduced people to Jesus this way. Conversion is usually a journey, not a moment, and we trust in our God’s Holy Spirit to guide these friends. Of all that CMF did last year, encouraging a culture of evangelism is by far the most important.

– Callum and Thealyssa


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