Mufan Zhang
Studying Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MTESOL)
University of Canterbury



It is truly my honour to participate in The Mark Drama in September this year. The Mark Drama is a fast-paced and theatre-in-the-round performance of Mark’s gospel, one of the accounts of Jesus’ life and work. Several months ago, when I first learned about The Mark Drama, the scheduled performance had to be cancelled. Though I was disappointed, who knew I would later join this wonderful acting group and be a part of it?

I’m an introvert and feel reluctant to step out of my comfort zone, even for something I’m passionate about. God knows my personality: He has patiently guided me along the path through the influence of two people. Angelia was a classmate in an elective course I took several years ago. After the first lesson, she asked the Christian lecturer many questions regarding testimonies shared in the class, giving me the courage to join their conversation. This was the start of my faith journey, and over the course of the following year, as I investigated the Bible with the lecturer, I became convinced that Christianity was true and gave my life to Jesus.

As well as Angelia, my partner, Tina, inspired me to join The Mark Drama. She kept encouraging me to engage when our director, Claire, was looking for the cast. I eventually agreed, despite having some unpleasant memories of the public stage! I prayed and put my trust in God.

It turned out that the performances (one at the University of Canterbury and one at Lincoln University) were a great success. I played many different roles, including a pig farmer, one of the Twelve, and Simon, the host of the Last Supper. As I experienced these stories in a dramatic way, the roles I played really deepened my understanding of Mark’s Gospel.

Furthermore, our performances immersed both the actors and our audience in an intimate atmosphere. As we act out the gospel story, we see the authority of Jesus, and we feel his great love for all of us. In Him we grow, in Him we find salvation, and in Him we gain eternal life. We pray that seeds were planted in the audience’s hearts and that in the future, by God’s grace, they will grow, even into skyscraping trees.

Thanks to Tina, the team members, and everyone involved, especially our director Claire, who once put so much effort into directing us. Together, we have made a significant impact, and I look forward to our continued journey of sharing the good news.