Ayolabi Martins

Auckland University Student
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws Conjoint and Diploma in Languages – Chinese



Shortly after starting university, I was presented with the opportunity of joining the TSCF community to join an annual Global Outreach initiative; aptly titled: The Crossing.

As an inquisitive mind, passionate to learn more about how best to spread the gospel, I willingly signed up and several weeks later I attended our first online session. The next few months flew by and at the end of the program, I was genuinely left wanting to learn more. From teachings on the importance of engaging with a diverse array of cultures, to understanding the value of meeting people’s physical needs and finally advise on joining local and global mission teams, the content of The Crossing initiative was truly jam-packed.

We were given the privilege of hearing from speakers and leaders in the field who blessed us with many wonderful insights and an abundance of wisdom regarding how best we could all individually utilise our God-given gifts to touch others and ultimately transform lives for the benefit of God’s kingdom.

On a personal level, embarking on this initiative has played a pivotal role in my journey as a Christian. I surrounded both by like-minded and driven individuals excited for the plans God had for them, and I was also surrounded with voices of encouragement that propelled me to step outside my comfort zone and share the gospel with those around me.

After completing a session activity we were encouraged to do a reflection which really helped me to understand my thought process (fears and anxieties) and the subsequent outcomes of my endeavours to share the gospel with others. This deeply reflective process also allowed me to plan for future outreach efforts which over time, and through marginal gains, dramatically shifted my style from one of timidity to one of complete confidence.

Hosted by Global Outreach Coordinator, Kim Shaw, and the wider TSCF team, The Crossing is a brilliant crash course that teaches how we can all engage with our communities and wider societies to further propagate the gospel. Whether you’re already a seasoned speaker at church or just a new believer, there’s something in this for everyone and I highly recommend it.


The Crossing is TSCF’s annual Global Reach initiative. It consists of six 90-minute sessions during the tertiary semesters. If you are a student or know of any students who would like to join us for 2024, please email Kim Shaw, our Global Reach Co-ordinator at kims@tscf.org.nz to register your interest and receive more information.