TSCF’s board is delighted to announce the appointment of Ben Carswell, current Head of Student Ministries, as the new National Director from 1 January 2019.

Ben has lived in Wellington for the last 10 years with his wife, Jenni, and children Sam, Josh and Hannah.

Board Chair Andrew Becroft wrote, “The recommendation to appoint Ben was quickly endorsed and actioned by the National Board. We make the decision very positively and with real expectation for further growth and development in the work and ministry of TSCF.

“It is also appropriate of me to recognise the fantastic and inspirational contribution that Nigel Pollock has made in the role of National Director over the last nearly 13 years. He will be sorely missed. However Ben will bring new qualities and a fresh vision to the role and we all look forward to working with him in the years ahead.”