Ben Carswell

National Director

I’m a “Yorkshire Kiwi” – born in Leeds, England and raised in the village that Samuel Marsden came from. I’ve lived in various parts of the English-speaking world, including the USA, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and now New Zealand. (None of those places speaks English quite as well as they do in Yorkshire, though!) I’m married to Jen, who is Northern Irish, and we have three young children – Sam, Josh and Hannah. Jen and I moved to NZ to work with TSCF in 2008.

As a student, I belonged to groups similar to TSCF’s that helped me grow as a Christian and share my faith with others. I am passionate about sharing Jesus with students, seeing them come to know Jesus themselves and grow more like him. I love most sport, particularly both codes of rugby, football and cricket. I enjoy decent coffee, cooking for my family, reading good books (travel-writing, business books, biographies and Christian books) and traveling.