Andrew, Li Lian and Monica Lim in 2013.

Andrew, Li Lian and Monica Lim in 2013.

I love to look at “before and after” pictures. Prior to Li Lian and Andrew Lim’s arrival in Hamilton five years ago, I remember sitting with a couple of discouraged students, encouraging them to stay involved as they contemplated the realities of being part of a small group.
Fast forward five years, and I was back with Li Lian in her final week on TSCF staff, talking about the many students with whom she has interacted. Both the University of Waikato and Wintec groups are in a stronger state and there is a real sense of opportunities ahead.

Li Lian and Andrew have demonstrated a generous hospitality towards students in Hamilton and, in a previous era, in Wellington. They have shown pastoral care and concern for students, especially those from overseas, and a desire to understand and interact with Maori culture locally.

Andrew became Pastor of the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Hamilton this year, and Li Lian is looking for employment in education. Their daughter Monica continues at high school. We are thankful for the life they infused into TSCF Waikato.

– Ben Carswell, National Outreach Coordinator