Canterbury Staff
My wife Renée and I have served with TSCF in Canterbury for the last 20 years. Although Renée grew up in Sydney, I moved there for university study from outback Australia. We moved to Christchurch in January 2001 to serve with TSCF and continue to love student mission and ministry at the University of Canterbury.

We’ve seen many changes over our time with TSCF, including all our children growing into adulthood. I’ve noticed students at university are open to hearing and responding to the amazing news of Jesus, but fewer students now have any foundational knowledge about the Bible – even amongst Christian students. Students struggle to find hope and seem more anxious and rudderless when trying to navigate life than 20 years ago, while society keeps stripping away Christian values. The contrast between the hope and joy found in Jesus compared to the world around us is rapidly growing, so opportunities for student mission are greater now than ever!

Farewell to Geoff and Liz Robson
It’s been wonderful to have Geoff and Liz working with us for the last 8.5 years. Geoff became a Christian at the end of his time studying journalism at university in Sydney but has always seen the value and opportunity of student mission on campus.

In July, Geoff finished his time with TSCF to put his writing gifts to greater use, taking a full-time role serving the wider church through writing, editing, and publishing resources for Matthias Media. He and Liz are still living in Christchurch, with their four children. While we’re sad to see them move on, we know Geoff will be well suited to this role and we look forward to seeing God continue to work through him.