Canvas | Issue 91: Engaging with Culture Through a Gospel Lens


Staff Profiles


Robyn Drake – Auckland Team Leader (Part-time)
Robyn has served with TSCF for 10 years, previously working as a medical research statistician. She loves seeing students come to know God for the first time, and grow in their knowledge of and love for him.

Jeff Lane – Associate Staff Worker (Part-time/Volunteer)
Jeff has been serving with TSCF since 2005. He has taught English as a foreign language in China and NZ. Jeff particularly enjoys offering Bible studies and Christianity courses to international students.

Annette Lane – Associate Staff Worker (Part-time/Volunteer)
Annette has been serving in TSCF with Jeff since 2008, alongside working as an occupational therapist. Annette enjoys journeying with students and graduates, and encouraging them in their faith.

Michael Drake – Associate Staff Worker (Part-time/Volunteer)
Michael has been serving with TSCF since 2009, alongside teaching, education oversight and pastoral work. He loves to see students know Christ more, be shaped by him and share their delight in him.

Hanli Liu – Associate Staff Worker (Part-time/Volunteer)
Hanli became a Christian while at university, and after working in food technology, became a full-time pastor. He began serving with TSCF in 2016 and loves seeing God draw students closer to him.

Rabena Tanielu – Associate Staff Worker (Part-time/Volunteer)
Bena began with TSCF in Oct 2019, after she and husband Ronji (TSCF board member) served as missionaries overseas. She loves seeing Sola Scriptura students have confidence in God’s Word, and be “doers” of it.

Kuini Seuseu – Associate Staff Worker (Part-time/Volunteer)
Kuini began with TSCF in April this year. She recently finished her studies in Sociology and Pacific Studies. She loves seeing students share their faith and grow in their desire and curiosity for God’s Word.

Steve Turner – Volunteer Staff Worker (Part-time)
Steve was an associate staff worker with TSCF for nearly 20 years. He now runs the monthly Auckland Supporter Prayer meeting. He has enjoyed the regular prayer times on campus and interaction with students.

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