howtowalkintochurchHow to Walk into Church

By Tony Payne

Reading this left me encouraged about my local imperfect church and inspired to be an active member of it. It’s a short, practical booklet that takes less than an hour to read. Tony Payne looks at God’s purpose is for the Church and how to be part of a local church body.

– Robyn Drake


growingyoungGrowing Young

By Kara Powell, Brad Griffin and Jake Mulder

Christianity Today recently interviewed Kara Powell about the research she and two other authors conducted on 250 churches that are bucking the trend of losing members between the ages of 15 and 29. In CT’s overview of their book, Growing Young, Kara points to six characteristics that set those churches apart. And they don’t have much to do with music, personalities or congregation size.

A welcoming community, keeping a “ruthless” focus on Jesus, the challenge to live radically, and openness to discussing tough theological issues made the list. “Christianity can be awkward and sometimes confusing, but Jesus is always magnetic,” Kara said.
Programmes, denominations, facilities and worship style were not significant factors.

“When describing what makes their church so effective, 40% highlighted how their congregation ‘challenges’ them,” Kara said.

Christianity Today’s full interview is online here.

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