Celebrate Canterbury

Celebrate Canterbury

Canterbury celebrated TSCF’s 80th anniversary on 5 November with around 100 people – students, friends and graduates from the 1950s and beyond. Older grads recalled daily prayer times and challenged staff and students with their commitment to pray regularly for God to work on campus and around the world. Current and past students shared how the student groups helped them come to know Jesus and equipped them to serve in churches and talk to their friends about Jesus.

The gathering also thanked God for the 15 years that Mark and Renée Santich have served with TSCF at Canterbury University. Prayer continues to be the frontline of evangelism; please partner with us in prayer as TSCF continues to faithfully proclaim Jesus through the years to come.

Vision 80

TSCF’s fundraising campaign to wrap up our 80th anniversary year, “Vision 80” is currently running. Thanks to those who have responded to letters or emails with a donation; we are very grateful.

We will be writing to more supporters over the next few weeks, but if you haven’t received a personal invitation and would like to donate, then please visit www.tscf.org.nz/vision80 or give us a call.


Festival One

If you are going to Festival One January 27-30, 2017, then come and say hi to TSCF. We’ll be hosting the student lounge and running the Sanctum, a place for people to reflect and respond to what they learn and experience, and a place to hear some great speakers and musicians.


Lincoln CF

Over the second semester we had a growing number of Christians eager to get involved in the activities, events and learning opportunities, growing in faith and serving the campus. LUCF finished the year on the theme “True Witness.” Speakers at our shared lunches shared how they had opportunities to be true witnesses. Robin and Margaret Aim spoke about their work in Kenya, setting up a business for youth in a poorer area to gain work experience.

Many students volunteered to help out at Lincoln Uni’s biggest event, Garden Party, to make a difference locally. Some were outside in the rain at early hours to set up a BBQ beside the halls and give out sausages to those who had been partying into the morning. The group also ran a BBQ and water tent all day for hundreds of cold and hungry students to have a free feed and have conversations with the friendly team. As the tired partiers went back to their rooms, the LUCF crew stayed and cleaned up the rubbish scattered throughout the area before finishing off for the day.

We’re grateful that we can get the opportunities to serve our fellow students and we learn a lot in the process. LUCF will continue to grow as we strive to be a welcoming, loving bunch, like “true witnesses” are called to be.

– Baylee Connor-McClean and Michael Bresler


Dentistry CF

We have leaders for next year! They are four enthusiastic third year dental students, Anne, Carla, Weiming, and Anastasia, with fifth year student Wei-Yan. We are all excited that they are prepared to step into this role.

– Annie van Wichen


We have been studying the story of Abraham and how it fits into the gospel. We’ve enjoyed having American exchange students from InterVarsity join our community for the semester, and also ran a “hunger banquet” as a fundraiser for IFES. The continued growth and strengthening of the group is an encouragement and we look forward to next year.

– Yunyee Szeto


Judge Andrew Becroft, TSCF board chair, speaks to students at the University of Auckland Law School during Jesus Week.

Judge Andrew Becroft, TSCF board chair, speaks to students at the University of Auckland Law School during Jesus Week.

University of Auckland

Groups held Jesus Week in August, with the theme “Does it matter to Jesus?” The Christian Medical Fellowship on the Grafton campus invited students to ask a panel of Christian medical professionals any of their questions about faith and medicine. Around 200 students attended the various events, and took 250 copies of Rongopai, the gospel of Luke.

They were encouraged to take up the “coffee challenge,” read chapter 1, put a tick next to everything they agree with, an x next to anything they disagree with, and underline anything they don’t understand. Then they ask a Christian friend to buy them coffee and talk it over. They’re encouraged to continue these sessions as long as it’s helpful.


Wellington CF

We are thankful for the way the group has been used, challenged and grown this year. We are also thankful for the arrival of Kim, Max and Mei, new members of staff. It has been great to see their passion, care and desire to get involved.

To celebrate the end of the year we went to Princess Bay to spend the evening on the beach, toasting marshmallows and eating good food. Unfortunately the Wellington weather turned bad, but it was still lovely to eat fish and chips in the car and head back to university for a movie. We celebrated a year of seeing people come together in fellowship, continue to grow in their love for the group and become excited about what God will do in the coming year.

– Lachlan Whisker