This year’s ministry interns are, from left, Michael Bresler, Renee Posthuma and David Beukes.

TSCF offers a ministry internship year—”Minty,” for short—for recent grads. It’s a rare opportunity to receive training in knowing and sharing the gospel, be discipled and supported in practical ministry, and start work part-time. More than just a ministry taster, the programme requires the daily exercise of applying faith in Christ to vocation and to community. This year, these three TSCF grads are part of our student ministry at Otago, Canterbury and Lincoln universities.

Renee Posthuma

I am Christchurch born, was raised in a Christian family, and have five siblings. When I went to the University of Canterbury to study commerce, I looked to join a Christian group as my brother
had, and he recommended it.

I joined Christian Union due to a student’s friendly invitation to an event at clubs day. CU was a great encouragement and help during my studies. It was also where I met many great friends and learnt a lot, including how to lead Bible studies, what a Christian looks like, and how to apply all parts of Scripture to life. 

While at SPARC in Vanuatu last year, I was convicted by the passion of other students for building Christian groups at their campuses and teaching the Bible. I realised the importance of Bible-centred student groups, and that I had the option to not work in my field straight away, so I started considering Minty. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became.

I am doing Minty to tell students about the truth of the gospel, to help students to grow in their faith as others in CU helped me, and to learn more about God. I look forward to all that God will teach me through this.

Michael Bresler

Kia ora! My family and I moved from South Africa in 2009 and have called the plains of Canterbury home ever since. I love being active, whether sports, tenting or fishing. For the last three years I have studied food and resource economics at Lincoln University, and graduated in May. During my time there I became involved with the Christian Fellowship, and also had the privilege of being a student representative on the TSCF board.

While trying to decide what would come after my studies, I realised that I got the most joy in life when engaged with student ministry on campus. Minty is an opportunity to dip my toes further into student ministry and to spend a year discerning where I can use my skills for the glory of God. 

I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone by doing Minty in Dunedin, away from my home. I welcome this challenge and am excited to see how God humbles me and refines me for his glory.

David Beukes

I was born in South Africa and moved over to the beautiful town of Whakatane in the North Island when I was four, where I have spent the majority of my life. I have always been passionate about sports, outdoors, animals and music. 

I grew up in a strong Christian family, which has helped grow my passion for God and his word. 

In 2016 I moved to Lincoln University on a rowing scholarship to study animal science. I loved the time with the Christian Fellowship on campus and grew a lot in my knowledge and understanding of God’s word. 

I’m doing Minty because, even though I was very involved in CF, I felt I didn’t invest in my relationship with God and grow in my faith properly. I want to build a strong foundational faith in God that will support me wherever God calls me to be.