The groups that performed the Mark Drama in New Zealand in 2017 were coached by Claire Haworth, a thespian from the UK who also trained locals to coach non-professional actors in future performances. The idea of acting is intimidating for most participants, who not only play several roles but do so with just 6 weeks’ preparation and 12 hours of rehearsals. And those who might consider attending performances and inviting friends who have heard the gospel will wonder if it’s a good idea to let a troupe of mostly non-actors share the most important message of all with them.

Claire explains why, yes, it’s an excellent idea. The point of the project is to learn the true story of Jesus’ life in depth and experience it, to literally see and hear the words and actions that Mark recorded.

“It’s for non-professional actors. It’s real community theatre,” Claire says. “They go on a journey of learning the gospel, of encountering the person of Jesus in a real, three-dimensional way.”