UCOL Christian Fellowship


Ian Reid

UCF started in 2005 after many years without a group on campus. Interestingly enough we are the only club at UCOL! A lack of community with no halls of residence, many courses lasting only six months, and no common breaks are just a few of the realities we face as a Polytech situated in the heart of a city. Yet even as a young and fragile group, we are always encouraged, as it says in Corinthians, that we have been given the ministry of the gospel by the mercy of God, so we do not lose heart!

How would you describe UCF?

A group of brothers and sisters, passionate about Jesus, our friends, having a good time, our studies, and about how we can be involved in the wider UCOL community. We are students who experience the cost, but incredible joy of bearing Christ’s name on campus.

What to expect when you come?

Look forward to meeting students who are extremely creative and love to take risks. We come expectantly every week wanting to grow in Gods Word and to see how that affects the way we live in our classes during the week. We love to chat about what God has been doing through the week and pray for each other.

What do you do?

We meet as a group on Friday, have leaders meeting on Tuesday evenings, and prayer on Thursday mornings. We seek to see the gospel at the heart of UCOL through forming relationships, hearing God’s word, various outreaches and service activities. During the term we look at a book of the bible with a student leader or staff helping lead each week.

Then every four weeks or so, (just so we don’t get too comfortable!) we do something either out in the wider UCOL community with our non-christian friends, or with the Student Association. This is to show the gospel is not something we want to keep for ourselves, but something everyone should know! It’s good news!