UC Christian Union
Wed | 6pm
On campus at Canterbury University
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University of Canterbury Christian Union

We’re a community of people committed to living with Jesus at the centre of things. We recognise that the resurrection of Jesus from the dead was a declaration to our world – that Jesus is Lord of everything and everyone. We’ve got a long way to go in living that out, so we come together to help each other in that and to pass the word to others.

We’re a Christian Union – not a Presbyterian or Anglican Union (which doesn’t mean Presbyterians or Anglicans aren’t welcome!). Our union is a union of Christians from a range of denominational backgrounds. That’s a huge strength. It’s a place Christians can come together for the sake of the gospel on campus. So what unites us is the gospel – a message of really good news about Jesus. We are both people of the gospel (evangelical) and committed to sharing it with all (evangelism). The gospel that we proclaim is revealed in the Scriptures and centres on Jesus Christ. It is expressed in our Basis of Belief, which all speakers and executive members are required to give their assent to.