Chris Hay

Lincoln Staff Worker & MINTY Team Leader

You’re probably here because you would like to know more about me so I’ll jump straight into it. I’m the middle child of Lindsay and Esther Hay and have one older brother and one young sister. I grew up on a farm for sheep, beef and deer in Southland, so am a country boy at heart. I love the outdoors, hunting and fishing, and enjoying the beautiful world that we live in.

I grew up in a supportive Christian family, which was a huge blessing. My faith became my own when I attended Lincoln University in 2010. I got quite involved in the Christian Fellowship after a friend dragged me along. I loved the group’s dedication to the Bible, to wanting to read and understand God’s word, and it was the highlight of my time at university. Since that time I have worked on farms, completed a ministry internship with TSCF and travelled the world. Now I’m on staff with TSCF at the great Lincoln University.

I do love this job. It is a huge blessing to be able to spend time with students at such a crucial time in their lives. They are asking questions and figuring things out for themselves – who they want to be, what they believe. My job is to help students follow Jesus through prayer, studying the Bible, and conversations, and to figure out what that looks like at university and beyond.