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Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship is grounded in a commitment to the Bible’s authenticity and transformative power. Through intentional discipleship, staff encourage students to grow as leaders and apply their faith to all areas of their life — from relationships to work.

Vision 80

jointhevisionHaving celebrated 80 years of ministry in 2016, we ask God to bless however many years lie ahead and ask you to help us. This milestone coincides with a difficult season financially – a common struggle for gospel-centred ministries! We rely on God’s timing and God’s people to meet everyday needs from core services and study resources to hospitality and rent. We also assist staff workers in raising, and on occasions supplementing, their own support. Please consider how you might praygive and share our vision with others. We are praying for God’s provision for the funds to accomplish everything he has placed on our hearts. Learn more about how to give.

Looking back, looking forward

Nigel Pollock, TSCF’s National Director, talks about our foundations as a Kiwi movement committed to sharing the gospel. We have celebrated 80 years of God’s faithfulness to his people on campuses around the country, and look forward to what he continues to do in the lives of students from New Zealand and around the world.

Belong to an authentic community of like-minded Christian students

Celebrating 80 years in New Zealand

The seeds for TSCF were sown in the 1920s, when students and church leaders saw a need for faithful gospel witness on New Zealand’s campuses. They merged to form Inter Varsity Fellowship, which is now TSCF, in 1936. Thanks to their initiative and God’s grace, we can look back on generations of Kiwi Christians in homes, pulpits and workplaces who heard the gospel and learned how to disciple others during their university years. We continue to lean on God’s grace and the faithfulness of Aotearoa’s church community as we prepare the next generation of Christian leaders for service.

“I doubt I would be in the role I am today were it not for the faithful encouragement and enabling of the TSCF staff, who helped train me in terms of leadership.”

Andrew Becroft

Principal Youth Court Judge, Auckland EU

Judge Andrew Becroft

Auckland EU

“It was here that I began to really take hold of my faith. I was confronted with some pretty big questions – was Jesus the real thing, and if so, what was my response?”

Josh Irving

Victoria University

Josh Irving

Victoria University

“Being involved in this community strengthened my understanding of God’s big story in the Bible and its relevance to me, and gave me solid skills in Bible study that I’ve found valuable beyond uni.”

Student Name


Meredith Dale

University of Auckland

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