This is TSCF

At the heart of TSCF are student-led, campus-based groups. University years are filled with both possibilities and pitfalls. We want students to make wise decisions when they get their first taste of freedom, but we exist for far more than that. This brief season holds opportunities to learn, serve and prepare for life in ways that will never be repeated. Students can reach their fellow students for Christ like no one else, familiar as they are with the issues, trends and language of their peers. And, like all of us, students do this best working together. Their witnessing communities are winsome and powerful platforms for ambassadors of the gospel. Student leaders work in close partnership with TSCF staff and ministry interns. They are there to help every student relate the gospel to culture, apply the Bible to life, and extend everything they learn to the workplace.

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Belong to an authentic community of like-minded Christian students

A heritage of faithful leaders

The seeds for TSCF were sown in the 1920s, when students and church leaders saw a need for faithful gospel witness on New Zealand’s campuses. They merged to form Inter Varsity Fellowship, which is now TSCF, in 1936. Thanks to their initiative and God’s grace, we can look back on generations of Kiwi Christians in homes, pulpits and workplaces who heard the gospel and learned how to disciple others during their university years. We continue to lean on God’s grace and the faithfulness of Aotearoa’s church community as we prepare the next generation of Christian leaders for service.