Michael Nuysink


Bible Study/Chat/Coffee
Fri  |  12-1pm  |  Davis Law Library

During our weekly meetings we chat about issues relating to law, faith, and life in general. Come and check it out!

Veritas (Auckland Law School)

Veritas is a group of law students who meet together to discuss God, the law, and other issues that affect us.

A typical meeting involves a controversial issue and a bunch of law students ready to debate and discuss various viewpoints. Past topics have included evolution, terrorism, abortion, Rob Bell’s Love Wins, and whether it is even possible to be a Christian lawyer! We also do Bible study, and have the ever popular “ask a law student” panel (where younger students can get advice from older students and learn what’s in store for them). We also have guest speakers including lawyers from various firms, Veritas alumni and lecturers.

Our goal is to provide a community for people to be refreshed and also to see the law school impacted by Jesus. We want to encourage law students to live their lives both at law school and beyond in a way that honours God.