We meet on Wednesdays 1-2pm:
Outside on the Level 1 concourse – or if wet/cold, under the main stairs on Level 1

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Amy Burgess


TSCF Tauranga – UoW

The University of Waikato opened its new campus in Tauranga CBD in 2019. This provides a great opportunity to develop a Christian Fellowship group on a completely new campus! If you are a UoW student, we would love you to be part of pioneering this group to authentically represent Jesus Christ amongst tertiary students in Tauranga’s CBD.

TSCF exists to reach students for Christ and change students for life. We seek to relate faith to your studies, the Gospel to culture and the Bible to life. We are about true witness, deep thought, undivided life and global reach.

This year we will aim to meet on campus during the lecture-free campus “cultural hour,” Wednesdays 1–2pm. Keep an eye out for the TSCF banner at Orientation Week and on campus.