TSCF Annual General Meeting 2023

Saturday 2nd September, 4pm – Online.

What is the AGM?

The TSCF AGM is a opportunity for us to look back on the past year with gratitude, receive and adopt the financial statements of TSCF for the past year. It is a time where any student groups seeking affiliation with TSCF can have this affiliation confirmed. It is also where we elect Vice Presidents and Officers and members of the TSCF Board. The Board govern TSCF, establishing strategy and helping ensure we are functioning well. The President and Vice Presidents act as advisory sounding-boards, and are designated the responsibility of safeguarding our Basis of Belief – the Christian foundation around which we exist. You can find our 2023 Agenda and papers here

Who is it for?

TSCF is a network of groups run by students, for students. All TSCF affiliated student groups are entitled to have up to 2 voting representatives at the AGM. Other affiliated groups are also entitled to one voting representative per group. The President, Vice Presidents and members of the National Board, receive one vote each, in their capacity as Officers of TSCF.

Anyone who considers themselves a part of TSCF – whether students, staff or supporters – is invited to attend the AGM as an observer and we encourage all students, staff and supporters to do so, as it provides a good understanding of the wider Fellowship.

Please register  so that we can send you the zoom link, record who is in attendance, and ensure the right people receive voting papers.