Summit 2021 Bookshop


Welcome to the bookshop for Summit 2021! We’ve carefully curated a selection of books relevant to life as a student. There are books to equip you, books to encourage you, books to give away to friends, and books to answer your questions.

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Due to Covid, Book Depository is out of stock on some titles. You can:

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💬 Books for friends investigating Christianity

* Bible
* But is it Real?
* Can I really trust the Bible?
* Can Science Explain Every Thing?
* Case for Christ
* Where was God when that happened?
* Why did Jesus have to die?


🗣 Books to equip you to be a witness

* Campus Lights 
* Crossing Cultures with Jesus : Sharing Good News with Sensitivity and Grace
* Mission Minded
* Stay Salt
* The Mission of God’s People : A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission


💍 Books on relationships

* Captured by a Better Vision
* Divine Sex
* Is God anti-gay?
* Pure
* The Plausability Problem
* Transgender


🐳 Books on Jonah

* Jonah Good Book Guide
* Jonah: Navigating a God-centred Life


📖 Books to help you read and understand the Bible

* Book of Books 
* Dig Deeper 
* God’s Big Picture 
* How to read the Bible book by book
* How to read the Bible for all its worth
* Iron Sharpens Iron: Leading Bible-Oriented Small Groups that Thrive
* One to One Bible Reading
* The Insect and the Buffalo


🌱 Living out faith in everyday life

* A Praying Life
* Abortion
* Assisted Suicide
* Decisions made simple
* Did the devil make me do it?
* Down Not Out: Depression, Anxiety and the Difference Jesus Makes
* Final: Bit-sized Inspiration for Final Year Students
* How will the world end?
* Is forgiveness really free?
* Is hell for real?
* Is This It?
* Just for Starters
* Mirror Mirror
* Money Counts
* Plugged In
* Thank God for Bedtime
* The Hare and the Tortoise
* The Radical Disciple
* What happens when I die?
* What makes us human?
* Why bother with church?
* Working Without Wilting