Robyn Drake

Auckland Team Leader

I studied the subject no one enjoys: statistics. I loved it, learning about how the world works and fits together. I’m also interested in the medical world, so that led to a Master’s in medical statistics in London. (No, that’s not about counting how many bandages the hospital has left).

I met lots of people in London who had been impacted by student ministry, and realised the massive opportunity there is to reach students for Christ. I’m excited to be involved in people’s lives at a key time, helping them discover who Jesus is, wrestle with the big questions of life, and equip them to be leaders of their generation.

As team leader, I oversee the work across Auckland and work closely with several of the student groups at The University of Auckland and Unitec. I meet with student leaders to help them define why the group exists and discover how they can meet their vision. I train them how to lead Bible studies and explore how they might live out the gospel at uni.