Alaina Eckert

Lincoln Associate Staff

I first came to Lincoln University hoping to finish the last semester of my Master’s in Nature Conservation. Little did I know that God had bigger plans for me on the Lincoln campus.

As a graduate student in Lincoln, God used the CF group to remind me how vital fellowship is in the Kingdom of God. He longs for us to be in community, to encourage and walk alongside one another. After living on four continents in four years, God provided a space through CF where I could again be a part of a physical “family” of believers.

Lo and behold, God graciously opened the doors to return to the Lincoln Campus as an Associate Staff Member after I graduated. God has set it upon my heart to support and invest in students following Christ and a desire for those who don’t know him to turn to Him. I love doing life with students as they walk through big questions and engage with God’s word. It is truly one of my simple joys.

Other simple joys in my life include good books, baking bread (a pandemic-established habit), tramping, diving (the SCUBA kind) and watching American sports with my family.