Rosie Sim

Otago Staff Worker

I’m a a Dunedin local who studied nursing at Otago polytechnic and work as a registered nurse. I was born into a Christian family and came to faith early in life, but experienced the internal struggle of grasping and owning a faith that at times felt more like an inheritance than a relationship.

Thankfully, I was surrounded by people who helped me express my doubts, worked through my questions, shared my burdens and pointed me back to Jesus when other options seemed more appealing. I want to be that person for students coming to Dunedin, whether they are like me—figuring out what a practical and personal faith looks like “in the real world”—or still in need of that first introduction to Jesus and his life-giving gospel.

I married Simon in 2016, and we are both part of the TSCF staff team in Dunedin. We’re a self-confessed “geek couple” and share a love of stories whether in movies, books, comics or video games.