Nigel Pollock

National Director

Nigel has a passion for relating faith to culture, applying the Bible to the whole of life and encouraging the next generation of people of influence. He is an energetic Scotsman who is married to Ailsa and they have three boys. The family home is in Wellington, where Nigel is based in the National Office of TSCF.

Nigel spent 18 years working for the IFES movement in the U.K. (University & Colleges Christian Fellowship). In 2005 he and the family relocated from Edinburgh to Wellington where he took up this role. He has been published extensively in magazines and newspapers and is the author of Unconditional and the best-selling Relationships Revolution. He chairs the Wellington College Sports Council and the board of School of Hard Knocks, and is an experienced field hockey coach at school and representative levels. He enjoys all sport, technology, cult television and photography.