Maryanne Wardlaw

Communications Manager

Since my first clumsy attempts to put crayon to paper, I’ve been captivated by words, images and design. I’m so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to use these gifts. I’ve worked as a reporter, graphic designer, editor and photographer. In 2002 I left the daily newspaper where I worked in California to take a job with a charity in Leeds, England, which included a pastoral role with vulnerable adults. After three years there I returned to Auckland, the place I spent most of my childhood, and have made it home again.

My introduction to TSCF was as an observer. I knew former staff workers Gillian Wildgoose and Elliot Ng and saw them fostering intentional communities of Christ-followers, both on university campuses and at home. Their biblical wisdom and love for people, practical and spiritual, sold me on TSCF’s work. In 2012 I attended a conference hosted by TSCF’s graduate ministry, Catalyst, and was further blessed and impressed by a robust faith-to-life connection. By the end of the year, I was part of the staff team.

This role incorporates some of my main aims: To show the wonder of God’s grace through people’s stories, to communicate and defend the Gospel’s truth, and to support those who do the day-to-day work of evangelism and discipleship.

So practically, I edit and design Canvas magazine and TSCF’s annual reviews. I provide staff with literature and resources to help them find and communicate with their ministry partners. I work with student leaders as they develop relationships with other students through The Loop and social media. I oversee our own social media (like us on Facebook!), build links with like-minded organisations, produce print and video content, and maintain this website.

On Wednesdays I get out of the Auckland office to facilitate Catalyst in the City’s lunchtime Bible study. It’s a great group of graduates, several of whom were student leaders in their day. They regularly remind me why the work of TSCF is significant for all of study, work and life.

In 2016 I completed a Master’s in Public Policy and I also freelance as a photographer, editor and graphic designer. I enjoy living simply, quality flatmates, and exploring New Zealand with friends.