Andrew Wilks

Associate Staff Worker – Auckland

I surrendered my life to Jesus after hearing the Gospel preached by a visiting evangelist at a TSCF meeting at Auckland University. I soon got involved helping lead a cell group in what is now called “Christian Union”. That was back in the early ‘80s.

My journey led me to work as a lawyer for nearly 24 years, then to run the NZ office of Mission Without Borders for 12 years until mid-2021, which regularly took me to six countries in Eastern Europe. I now work as a mediator and Christian conciliator for Resolve-Christian Resolution, helping people in dispute to reconcile their differences in a biblically-faithful manner.

I am married to Liz, and we have two adult sons. I am a LLB and BA graduate of Auckland University, and I have a Graduate Diploma in Applied Theology from Carey Baptist College.

University can be a challenging environment for anyone, and especially so for committed Christians and those seeking to follow Jesus. I want to help students negotiate the challenges of growing and maintaining a strong faith, while preparing for work and life beyond academic learning.