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'Godzone': Rugby-themed Gospel

Over the past few years, across the country, we have seen a steady stream of students coming to know, love and trust in Jesus. I am regularly asked if there is a pattern as to how or why they have become Christians.

It is not a blanket rule, but many of those who have come to faith have had two consistent features in their story. The first is that they have had an ongoing friendship with one or more Christians in our groups. The second is that they have been exposed to the Bible – reading it, interacting and meeting Jesus for themselves. 

The Rugby World Cup brings us a unique opportunity to bring those two features together. TSCF has led the publication of a small book called Godzone. Designed to be personally given to unbelieving friends, it contains the Gospel of Luke in an easy-to-read format and version.







Interspersed within the book are a ten testimonies of high profile rugby players from around the world - Brad Thorn (current All Black), Deacon Manu (current Fiji Captain), Euan Murray (current Scotland player), Jason Robinson & Nick Farr-Jones (World Cup winners), Doris Taufateau (NZ Black Ferns World Cup winner), David Pocock & Sekope Kepu (current Australia players), Pierre Spies & Tendai 'Beast' Mtawarira (current SA players).







Godzone starts with a helpful introduction sharing the beauty of NZ and that the God who created it wants to have a relationship with us.  It includes a number of pictures of NZ scenery. The book concludes with a short challenge to consider ‘God’s Own’ Son, Jesus who came to make that relationship possible.

Our desire is that students, graduates, supporters and churches would capture the vision that they could personally give one to their friends and ask them to read it and let them know what they think. For some, it may be better being read over a few weeks, with chance to chat and discuss it informally over a meal or drink. 

We are convinced that ‘faith comes from hearing, that is hearing the good news about Christ’ (Romans 10:17), and that for some, through reading the good news about Christ and hearing it for themselves, they will come to faith. If that happened to one of your friends, wouldn’t that make 2011 even more memorable?

The cost of Godzone is $2 per copy + shipping. Why not make a list of friends now, who you could be praying for – and during the RWC give Godzone to and ask them to read it?

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Posted by Ben Carswell on 18/08/2011