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ECF: Bold dialogue on the night of the 'Stein'

Engineering is a challenging context to live as a Christian. Engineering is known as the hard-drinking, fun-loving faculty of party animals. Unwittingly, the Engineering Christian Fellowship (ECF) organised their recent Dialogue Dinner to take place on the night of the 'Stein' - an annual drinking fest organised by the Engineering Society.

In spite of the clash ECF persevered and agreed to each invite five of their friends to a dinner and talk on Creation and Evolution. It was amazing to see the number of people that came along and some great conversations were had during and following the event!

How encouraging that one of the friends who was intending to head to the ’Stein’ later actually decided, after hearing the talk, to stick around and chat. Praise God that He is using these students who are living and speaking for Him in a difficult situation! We are praying that these good conversations will continue, that the students will have boldness and opportunities to further share the One they have put their trust in!

Posted by Gillian Wildgoose on 04/12/2009